Sky City needs your help to continue to provide a better experience.  Most importantly, I need your feedback and contributions.  This includes anything about malls, store chains and shopping centers past and present.  This information can come from multiple sources including photos, newspaper scans and articles detailing events.  Many of you have been very helpful providing this, and since I run this site as an individual it will be extremely difficult to gather this content myself.  

I also understand the issues you might have with photography.  Mall security is almost unilaterally opposed to photography for any reason, thus taking pictures is often difficult.  In addition, taking pictures of public spaces might be awkward for many people, and previously existing photos or information already available may be personal or protected.  Neither the photos nor the information on this site is for sale, and they will not be distributed.  All photos are credited to the photographer other than the webmaster, and submitted photos are never used without permission or credit to the original photographer.  If they are from another site, I provide a link to that site with full credit.  If necessary, photos can be watermarked or downsized from the original to protect the work of the photographer.  All of my own photos on this site are smaller than the original photo for the same reason.

I also would appreciate any donations to the site.  While it may appear from the site that I have lots of free time and money, that is hardly the case.  Much of what I cover has been a struggle to find the time and means to accomplish.  Because of that, making trips to cover these places is increasingly difficult.  By donating, it will allow me to do far more with the site than I currently can, and it will help me to provide a more interesting, more comprehensive experience.  All donations should be sent through PayPal via the button below:

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