Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sky City is now on Facebook!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled nostalgia to announce that Sky City is now on Facebook.  This is a long time coming, and this will allow fans of the blog to upload photos, start discussions and interact more with Sky City than is currently possible right now.  With a creaky old e-mail and sadly moderated comments section (because I don't think my readers should be subject to spammers and oddballs), I felt like there was too much of a disconnect between my site and fans, and I hope to reach beyond my little corner of the world.

I must admit that I am a little behind the times with this, so its time for me to take the site a step further.  Sky City has been a lot of work, and a sustained effort has proved difficult many times in the past.  Therefore, this will allow me to hopefully expand my little site to a wider audience.  Also, I wanted to apologize to those who joined my previous "Southern Retail History" group...I was learning the ropes of Facebook groups, and the name was a little vague, so that was a false start.  However, this is the real deal.

Please feel free to join and bring your friends too!  The blog has open membership for now, and I think this new group will make it easier to interact with fans, contributors and returning visitors to my site.


  1. This is a good idea, and it may alleviate the main problem with accumulating information about malls -- having to go to the city in question to visit the mall and the library to find concrete information about openings and time-frames for existence of things by looking at ads from newspapers. For example, take that old mall in Bowling Green that's still there but used for something else. Someone from Bowling Green could find out about it and post here, saving one of us the hours of driving.

  2. Very cool! Those of us who worked at Opryland (both the theme park and the hotel) have a few Facebook pages, and it's amazing what pics and people come out of the woodwork on there. Thanks for all the time you put into keeping the site current and interesting!