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  1. Hello,

    Do you happen to have anything on Wilkes mall from Wilkesboro, NC?
    I do not but I would LOVE to see some pics or something.

  2. If you ever make it back to the Tampa Bay area, it would be awesome if you cold check out Countryside Mall in Clearwater, Tyrone Sqaure in St. Pete, and Gulf View in Port Richey. The first two are similar to Westshore; they should have died but didn't. And Gulf View is an interesting mall...they just changed owners, and in a two year span they lost both Macy's and JCP leaving Sears and Dillards. It's a weird mix! Plus, TJMaxx and Best Buy are two awkward anchors, and there a are a bunch of local stores. I think it will be dead in a few years.

    I know it might be hard for you to get down here but it'd be awesome!

  3. Any thoughts of an entry for Charlottetown Mall? Thank you for preserving the malls' stories. Catawba and Lenoir malls were part of my teen years. Charlottetown Mall was part of most of my preteen Saturday mornings, and I wish I could have walked it again before demolition.