Saturday, July 1, 2006

Welcome to Sky City: Southern Retail Then and Now

UPDATED March 20, 2012

Greetings to all those who have found this blogsite. I have created Sky City (originally known as Georgia Retail Memories) in lieu of building a full website dedicated to the subject in an attempt to photograph, preserve, document and capture what has been lost in terms of retail in the Southeastern United States including the Mid-Atlantic and Florida. Anything retail is fair game here including malls, discount stores, catalog retailers, small tenants, chain restaurants, drug stores and fast food places. Other businesses such as banks, theaters and gas stations may also be covered here on a limited basis.

Anybody who finds this site is free to contribute any information, photographs or anything else they'd like to make this site more interesting and more informative. I want this to be as fascinating for everybody else here as this is to me, and this will give me a chance to feature the highlights of my work in researching and photographing so many of the beautiful modern centers and retail relics that have fallen away.


  1. I grew up in Columbus Ga in the 50's
    and I have been trying to find some old photos of the stores downtown. It was a wonderful place to go. Some of the old stores are still there but they are other business's.I think this website is a great Idea. I'm especially hoping someone will have some photos at Christmas time.
    Susan Love

  2. How can I contribute??? I have pictures of the "new" Macon Mall after 2011 renovation and more of some other malls. Thanks!

  3. LOL at responding to my very post that still holds the original name. You can contribute by sending photos to You can also join a very lively discussion on the Sky City Facebook Group.