Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sanford, NC Lowe's Destroyed in Tornado

In this weeks severe event, a large tornado came through significantly damaging Sanford, NC and many other cities near Raleigh.  The storm in Sanford wiped out the Lowes store on April 16, 2011 also damaging the Tractor Supply across the street.  Here is some information on both.

Before image of the store from Google Street View

The worst part of this was the timing.  It was a busy Saturday with customers and employees inside.  Many cars were totaled as well.  My sympathy goes out to all the victims of the storm.  More information can be found on WRAL about the tornado, including Lowes.  More photos can be found here, here and here.  The whole gallery can be found here.

Video from the The Sanford Herald.

Across the street, Tractor Supply Store, located in part of an old Wal-Mart, was heavily damaged as well.  Included here is an earlier photo from Digitalsky showing the store prior to the disaster.

Photo by digitalsky taken June 2009 of the old Wal-Mart and Tractor Supply on the left.

Here is some video from WRAL showing the store destruction from helicopter and ground:


  1. The Lowe's manager apparently was a quick thinking hero. He corralled people into the back of the store which had smaller , more "fortified" space as the NY Times put i\t. they survived, while the bulk of the store didn't.

  2. This is kind of ironic in the fact that after storms Lowe's is usually the place people go to rebuild their homes and businesses. Prayers and thoughts for all those affected by the tornadoes!

  3. i was born and raised in Sanford nc and i cant believe a tornado came through and wiped it out.. i pray for the people that were in lowes and hope they were all safe

  4. Can you please credit The Sanford Herald in the video posted on this blog.

  5. I thought I you mean my lack of "The" in front of the name?

  6. This store is reopening this week!