Friday, August 4, 2006


Ellman's was one of a couple catalog merchants in Georgia that once existed in competition to now-defunct Service Merchandise. The other was Segall & Sons, which was more common in central and southern Georgia. Segall & Sons, however, did open a location near Gwinnett Place Mall in the early 1980's. Prior to being bought out in 1985 by Service Merchandise, Ellman's was located in Atlanta and also Charlotte.

Most former Ellman's locations today are either closed or have been demolished. The former Ellman's location near Cumberland Mall was demolished and rebuilt as a Lexus dealership and the former Ellman's near Southlake Mall still sits abandoned with the Service Merchandise sign still on the outside. It should be noted that the logo shown in the ad was red on the exterior sign. The second two photos shown here are of the Southlake store, and fans of Service Merchandise should be pleased to see that the signs were never removed for it.


  1. Oh! Please take a picture of the service merchandise sign that's still on the building. That would be amazing.

  2. Not the most vintage I've seen (there is a 1980's version in least used to be), but I went back and redid the post with the pics. Also enjoy the new delayed Lenox Square post.

  3. We had Ellman's in Greensboro at Carolina Circle Mall. The store looked identical to the Southlake Ellman's.

  4. I remember shopping at the Ellman's on Candler Road at I-20. There was a wedding ring set there that I always wanted. Would anyone happen to know where I could lay my hands on an Ellman's catalog? I'd love to have a picture of that particular wedding set.
    I had tried e-mailing Service Merchandise several years ago about this but of course, they were NO help at all.
    Thanks, Lisa

  5. My two stores were, first, the Buford Hwy and later, the Southlake store. One could walk in there and drool over all the cool electronics in the day. My favorite thing to do in my spare time, was to peruse the catalog, and wish for the biggest, baddest stereo receiver they had. Well, I got one later, a big Pioneer SX-1250. It still works to this day, and sounds as good as it ever did. It's too bad we all threw away our old catalogs. None of us could have realized what they'd be worth, even if only in terms of nostalgia.

  6. I didn't know about this message thread, but just Googled Ellman's and found it.

    I worked for Ellman's at Southlake and Cumberland, and was very disappointed when the family sold to Service Merchandise. Somehow, we never saw that coming.

    Most of our business was in fine jewelry and diamonds, and we watched for new merchandise and jewelry show samples. It was fun, and all of us from the Atlanta metro stores knew each other well. I miss it and miss the people.

    I still wear the 14K gold watch that I bought in 1978.

  7. I was glad to see the posted comment that FINALLY recognized the Greensboro, NC Ellman's. Any sites I've seen only mention the Charlotte store. I actually worked at the Greensboro store and it was a very nice part of their operation. ***Does anyone know where I could find a 1980-'82 catalog ? It shoes an unusual styled Men's 14 ct. gold 'Fashion Ring' on the front Cover and I would really like to get a clear image of that ring. Mine was stolen in the 1990 "Hallmark Gang" home invasion robberies and I'd like to have the clear image of it to have a duplicate made.